One of our customers came to use a few months ago asking about how to generate leads and how to build a website that would get them a certain number of leads everyday. A steady flow of leads was important for the customer to keep an active sales force and this was not a situation where a few pages and pretty pictures were going make much difference.

For the first two weeks, we performed a few tests and experimented with several strategies. These experiments resulted in data and a few sample leads. With input from the customer and after examining the quality of the leads, we defined a strategy that involved building a network of websites, social media marketing and several traffic aggregation campaigns.

We correctly advised the customer on how much money to spend and where and how exactly to do it. The result in a few months is that the money invested by the customer in our services has paid back several fold already and we are now business partners to the customer.

Another example is a website for a law firm that got the firm its first customer (solely due to the website) in just a week’s time.

Almost anyone can build a website with varying degrees of prettiness. There are only a few people who can use websites to produce business and profits for you. And this success is a result of careful planning, analysis, wire-framing, conducting simulations, collecting data, data analytics, web marketing, social media marketing, experience and technical ability to put together all parts of the puzzle into a solution that works right.