We develop custom intranets for companies that allow employees to collaborate and management to set direction via the intranet. An intranet today is a fantastic tool that brings the technologies of the internet into a company network. Everything that can be re-used including presentations, templates, sales documents can be placed on an intranet for re-use. By encourage employees to share intellectual assets via an intranet, time savings are substantial. For example people often find a similar presentation that they are looking for without having to re-invent the wheel. Every printed document such as a phone directory or the office bulletin board can be placed in electronic form onto an intranet. Company policy, Human Resource documents, job openings, scholarship information, office benefits and any kind of information that can be of use to employees can be placed onto an intranet. Customer support can create knowledge-bases and FAQs that eliminate the need to contact customer support for asking simple questions.
A calendar can inform people of holidays. An intranet is a versatile tool that pays for itself in a short while.