Atlas Technologies Inc. was born out of a need to provide high quality web services to agencies and companies in the Greater New York area at a globally competitive price and delivery speed.

We realized that there was no need for another high priced company with prices that made no sense. Today, if a company needs to ensure its survival, it has to be globally competitive with a focus on providing value. Being globally competitive makes our services more affordable and expands our clients base to small business and startups.

Atlas Technologies Inc. consists of people who like to work on the internet and to build solutions and services for clients that go beyond a website. Our company provides a total internet business solution where we help our clients garner maximum business advantage via the internet. We position our customers to communicate in a precise and effective manner with their customers, partners, employees and stakeholders.

Before beginning any job, we first understand what a client wishes to achieve and spend time brainstorming how to go about achieving their objectives. We start work only when we have defined a plan that clearly identifying a strategy towards achieving a client’s business objectives. We place great emphasis in providing value to all our clients and especially small business. As a matter of fact, several clients now look upon our services as a business necessity where we play a key role in generating revenues.

Our team members are people who like what they do and form a team who have been working together for many years. This history of interaction results in fast turnaround times and a seamless experience from start to finish.